The essential flavors of ingredients
that are slowly roasted with firewood–


Broil select meats and vegetables from local Shinshu in the fireplace.

The starting concept is a detached house
that overlooks the Pyrénées mountains.

Once you take a step forward into the restaurant,
a prominent cheminée (fireplace for cooking) will welcome you.
Slowly being roasted over firewood are
Shinshu’s Chiyogen pork and A5-rank Shinshu beef,

chicken, and other finest select meat of the season.
During the blissful moments when you wait for the meat to roast,
enjoy wine from a special cellar boasting over 7,000 bottles,
along with a gem of appetizers made with home-grown,
pesticide-free vegetables and seafood delivered directly
from the Sea of Japan.

Appearance(distant view)

A house that stands in Roppontsuji, in the heart of Karuizawa. Enjoy your meal viewing the beautiful greens of Karuizawa.

store interior

In the restaurant, there are seats by the counter and round tables, with the fireplace in the center. You can have a meal with a view of the fireplace from any seat.


The terrace has a rooftop and complete with a stove (covered with a vinyl sheet during the winter season), and we welcome guests with pets all seasons.

Watch the meat broil in Pyrénées’ fireplace.

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