From a la carte to a fireplace-grilled course menu.
You can customize your own combination according to the purpose and number of guests.

-Lunch course-

A special course limited to lunch time.

○Fireplace-grilled beef loin lunch ¥2,079 (including tax)
・Select beef loin steak (150g) with fried potatoes
-Grilled in Pyrenees’ special fireplace!-
・Today’s soup
– Soup with seasonal vegetables-
・Salad with local vegetables Pyrenees style
-Enjoy local vegetables with our homemade dressing!-
・Bread, coffee or herb tea

● Ladies’ Lunch: ¥2,079 (including tax)
・Seasonal vegetables
-A visually stimulating dish using seasonal vegetables and ingredients-
・Today’s soup
-Soup with seasonal vegetables-
・Main dish
– Pyrenees-style pasta and paella using fireplace-grilled meat and seasonal vegetables and homemade quiche-
・Small homemade dessert
・Bread, coffee or herb tea
*Men can also order Ladies’ Lunch.

-Fireplace-grilled Course-

Pyrenees’ special fireplace-grilled course, available throughout the day

○Daily special: Fireplace-grilled course ¥4,900 (including tax)
Chef’s select appetizers
-Enjoy the chef’s select daily specials-
Today’s soup
-Soup with seasonal vegetables-
Today’s fireplace-grilled dish or fresh fish
-Chicken grilled in the fireplace or fresh fish delivered directly from the ocean
Salad with local vegetables Pyrenees style
-Enjoy local vegetables with our homemade dressing!-
Bread, coffee or herb tea

●Select firplace-grilled course (prices vary according to the ingredients)
Appetizer (select one from five dishes)
-Select from Pyrenees’ special dishes, including homemade terrine and Shinshu salmon-
Today’s soup
-Soup with seasonal vegetables-
Fireplace cuisine (duck breast/Chiyogen pork/domestic beef rib/A5-rank Shinshu beef)
-Broiled select meats including premium pork from Iida, Nagano-ken, and Shinshu beef-
Salad with local vegetables Pyrenees style
-Enjoy local vegetables with our homemade dressing!-
Bread, coffee or herb tea

Duck breast course:¥5,500 /
Chiyogen pork course (from two persons): ¥6,500 /
domestic aged beef rib course (from two persons): ¥7,500 /
A5-rank Shinshu premium beef course: ¥12,000
*Depending on availability, some meats cannot be prepared.

○A la carte: from ¥380
・Chiyogen pork terrine and homemade pickles
・Fireplace-grilled seasonal vegetables
・Homemade semi-dried amela tomatoes
・Fireplace-grilled chicken
・Fireplace-grilled select Japanese beef
・Fireplace-grilled pigeon from Vendee, France
…are among some of the finest in the season that we prepare.

☆ The following fireplace-grilled dishes are recommended for groups! (Reservation required)
・Fireplace-grilled baby lamb leg (serves approximately eight to ten persons): ¥22,000
-A block of baby lamb leg is grilled in the fireplace-
・A whole roasted baby pork (serves approximately 15 to 20 persons): ¥60,000~
-A whole roast that will wow the crowd at a party or a banquet!-
*Please reserve early as the meat may not be available.

○Menu for your beloved dog
Pyrenees welcomes guests with pets all seasons at the terrace (complete with a stove).
Our dog food is prepared under the supervision of a veterinarian, and
contains no additives.

・Meat, rice balls, water, salad, sesame and cheese cookies
 For small dogs (100g): ¥600
 For medium-sized dogs (200g): ¥800
 For large dogs (300g): ¥1,000
・One baby lamb bone: ¥500
・Baby pig bone (100g): ¥700
・Sesame and cheese cookies:
(With yogurt and fruits)

*Menu supervisor: Dr. Kiyoshi Kawase (Ph.D in Veterinary Medicine/Chief of Kawase Veterinary Hospital)

○Menu for children
Pyrenees has prepared a menu for small children.
A baby car can also be parked right by your table.
(We do not have children’s chairs available).

Lunch time
・A la carte (e.g., pasta and paella): ¥1,000
・Fireplace-grilled beef loin with fried potatoes: ¥1,200
Dinner time
・Fireplace-grilled beef loin with fried potatoes: ¥1,200

*In addition, dishes can be shared and a la carte dishes can also be ordered.

☆ Also, from November to January, local Shinshu gibier (boar, deer, pigeons, and mallard) is available. The ingredients vary according to the season and availability.
Please ask the staff for details.
☆ Birthday cake or a birthday plate for birthdays and anniversaries
are also available (from ¥2,000) Please consult the staff for details.
☆ Tax is included in the above prices but we added a service charge of an additional 10% to the above prices.

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